Career Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining Houston Center for Literacy. HCL strives to create a literate, prepared workforce by building high capacity, effective and top performing literacy agencies and programs throughout the Greater Houston area.


Looking for more job opportunities?

HCL supports the Mayor's Coalition for Literacy, an association of more than 50 organizations offering literacy services throughout the Greater Houston area. View job opportunities at our member organizations by visiting our literacy provider job bank.

Looking for More Job Opportunities?

View job opportunities at the Mayor's Coalition for Literacy's member organizations throughout the Greater Houston area.

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Our Mission

In order to boost the economy of Houston, Houston Center for Literacy strengthens providers of adult education who, in turn, provide necessary skills for underemployed citizens to fulfill their potential and become economically self-sufficient.

Our Vision

We envision a city where every adult is equipped with the basic skills they need to qualify for jobs that will allow them to support their families and thrive as prosperous, independent, successful members of our society.