AmeriCorps Texas Family Literacy Initiative

The Texas Family Literacy Initiative is a part of the AmeriCorps network of national service programs that engage adults of all ages and backgrounds in service to meet the nation's critical needs in education, public safety, health, and environment. AmeriCorps, the domestic version of the Peace Corps, gives you an opportunity to apply your skills toward helping others in your community.

Texas Family Literacy AmeriCorps is a service program that provides literacy services to adults, children, youth and families in communities in two regions of Texas. The program is directed by the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas [LCCT] and operates out of Austin and Houston.  LCCT, located in Austin, provides fiscal and program oversight as well as partners with non-profits to interview and place members at partner sites in Austin.  Houston Center for Literacy has partnered with local non-profits in order to interview and place members at non-profits within the Greater Houston area.

Literacy Services include English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Education Development (GED), Family Literacy, Early Childhood Literacy, Civics and Citizenship, Computer Literacy, Health Literacy, Financial Literacy, and more.

Members commit to the 11-month national service program requiring 1700 volunteer hours. Members receive a $12,100 stipend, health care, valuable training and experience, and a $5,550 education award issued at completion of service to help pay student loans or tuition. 


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 Texas Family Literacy AmeriCorps Participating Providers - Houston

Adult Reading Center
Alliance for Multicultural Community Services
Children's Museum of Houston
Community Family Centers
East Side University Village Community Learning Center
Harris County Public Library
La Raza United
Literacy Advance of Houston
Memorial Assistance Ministries
Open Door Mission
Tri-County Coalition for Literacy, Inc.


Texas Family Literacy AmeriCorps - Operating Sites

Literacy Coalition of Central Texas
Austin, TX

Houston Center for Literacy
Houston, TX

Looking for a Literacy Class?

Literacy providers throughout the Greater Houston area offer a variety of classes in adult basic education. Simply dial 2-1-1 to find a literacy provider near you or click the link below.

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Our Vision

HCL strives to create a literate, prepared workforce by building high capacity, effective and top performing literacy agencies and programs throughout the greater Houston area. This work is done through best practice and resource distribution, advocacy, and volunteer training and placement.