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English @ Work is a mobile language provider that customizes English classes to your business' needs and delivers them on site to your employees.


To learn more about how English @ Work can benefit your business in Houston, please contact Jackie Aguilera at jackie.aguilera@houliteracy.org, 713-640-8229, or look at our flier.


Who We Are

Houston Center for Literacy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is working to improve literacy rates by connecting literacy providers and resources to support adult learners.

Our Mission

In order to boost the economy of Houston, Houston Center for Literacy strengthens providers of adult education who, in turn, provide necessary skills for underemployed citizens to fulfill their potential and become economically self-sufficient.

Our Vision

We envision a city where every adult is equipped with the basic skills they need to qualify for jobs that will allow them to support their families and thrive as prosperous, independent, successful members of our society.